Does IOT wearable bring more healthier for us?


How will you do while having the sleep issue before IOT/wearable sleeping ring products released? You might ever done the same things as I have done before – to reserved a time with hospital sleeping survey center, as plan schedule to have a one night sleep with sensor equipment, doctor to share you the sleeping pattern while proceed the medical review. Most of the time I was not able to make the appointment due to conflict schedule with business trip or lack of confidence to sleep well at the hospital sleeping survey center. Years pass by, consumer technology trending forward to smart phone with smart apps and integrate internet of things. While my assignment at northeast China in winter, I spend a weekend to browse full of advisement webpages, a kind of sleeping pattern diagnosis wrist caught my attention which simply to wear it in your wrist while you sleep. The sleeping pattern and analysis yields on following day right in your cell phone app connected. I was so much exciting to try it and impressed on the visual analytic charts for free 7 days. However, the sleeping issue has not yet resolved even with the sleeping ring sensor.

IT Business Partner Point of view

It would be splendid idea before annual leave or coming weekend to provide a set of healthy-sleeping program from service providers including meal, food, medical, sports, accommodation or entertainment according to recorded sleeping pattern which link to the sensor with daily record. Bunch of medical advisers, sport experts are available to share best practice for healthy-sleeping tips from internet or any devices. Even relax accommodation with certify ‘Smart Healthy Sleeping Program’ hotel or home stay to choice which sensor setup in the living facility and not necessary to wear anything in your wrist.

Right, you have sensed that what I meant that the e-commerce and information analytic to embrase IOT / wearable more for service people better, less worry and more healthy tips.

Back to the sleeping issue, could be the only one resolution, prior or after IOT/ wearable application, is from our parents or doctors suggested – less pressure, exercise,  no junk food, sleep and get up earlier for a quality sleep.

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