Sharing Economic Norm


It’s been observed lately, some apps organization have been proceed sharing economic concept to service it’s app’s users. The initial idea is nice for providing services as per any applicable areas. But some negative news yielded due to those apps have been mis-used by the app’s users. It’s more than clear that the apps’ providers are innocent for those negative news, however it’s absolutely the apps providers’ role and management scope to assist the apps’ user for compliance relevant legal regulation.   There are relevant legal sue in processing and some countries has been banned specific apps to be legally operate. This is truely impacting to the apps’ company to survive.

Info Tech Business Partner Point Of View

Would that be possible to adopt the emotional analytic which is one of the facial recognization technic for any sharing economic behavior. Only availble to download the apps for proceed service when emotional reaches to an acceptable level.   Nevertheless, it might be, very near future,  requested by each country relevant unit to approve prior proceeding apps to be available in the on-line store.

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