In case, the system / application is not in good shape


There are a lots of free, less pay or free-for-n-days application for users. I’ve tried some of them lately. Some pieces are really interesting, e.g. unable to allocate the record just added, or unable to get the back bottom to previous screen, display “Sorry, System Crash….” for the beta version, or  it’s keeping running while system re-boot even uninstall. Check the “Help”, it’s really time-consuming to read all of the FAQ. Tried to find out “Mail us” for describing detail about the incident and expect helpful response. Even there is a response provided eventually, it seems continuously FAQ link provided. It’s a loop to the “Mail us” and describe again the incident. Wondering is this possible to request consumer protection foundation for support?

IT Business Partner Point Of View

The Big Data is so popular technology to adopt, it would be good to have statistic certificate for the product testing indicator including user interface design, simplicity, accuracy or tester age distribution. Integration supportive indicator, the level from 1 to 5 was given similar to the best power-save electricity product. It’s a good reference prior user to download for use.

Friends suggest rejection gesture; it’s better not to use the unfriendly application / system.

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