Measurement Indicator Gamification

What’s exactly the concept regarding gamification? Being attracted by some free game, although I rarely to play game. To download and play free games for fun. Even if some free game, it’s been design fabulous e.g. graphic design and complexity of each milestone. It’s really amazed to received award while achieve specific level of milestone. Moreover, the measurement indicator design strategically and practically. Not only the free game did, but also some website pushing immediate motivating message e.g. number of article published, article being reviewed by unique click or number of member has been registered etc. Some of the insurance policy products have the tendency toward to embedded gamification, I’ll share once visible conceptual design being observed.

Any concern if business operation proceed gamification?

IT Business Partner Point Of View

From the positive motivation perspective, business operation measurement indicator is suitable for proceed gamification and adopt the immediate notification for relevant parties. To fix the gap compare with the plan indicator using chatting or dialogue tools, It’s for clarity on accessing feasibility for adjusting the plan measurement indicator. It’s definitely a good operation process,  good design and good application, disregarding the gamification terminology, for adopting the motivated and cheerful interaction to achieve the business objective.

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