Risk mitigation approach for building a team in a global era

Although it’s not necessarily have to be rendered followed a trend change, and to be skeptical for the trend. However, it’s worth to try to enhance the effective management. Lately there are serial reporting relevant to internet service provider to specific focus customer group e.g. hospitality senior management or illustrator licensing. What is the case to adopt in the global era in team developing for risk mitigation?

IT Business Partner point of view

For emphasis on facilitate effective learning and shorten forming team in confliction. In a specific scenario, there will be the most effective learning while team with the same background e.g. the similar project experience, similar skill, male member, female member, same country member or same city member. Combination total factors, the global team may perform team atmosphere and coordination, and effective communication. Especially for a leader to manage a global team in a international era, there is no lose to try for grouping the same property member to achieve learning objectives and observe the learning enhancement progress. In the meanwhile, the team forming conflict risk has been reduced and mitigated.

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