Cultural is the vital key for reducing risk on cyber privacy and security threat

Cyber attach

The privacy and security threat has been observed for many cases. Even the giant branding corporation or celebrity’s image has been attacked or abused by intruders. Until now, there is no any clearer approach to assure 100% to immune being threat. However, it’s just like if people wants to enhance the body immune system, a regular check is mandatory to perform on a regular basis for reducing the risk to cause severe virus attack to human health. Then the cost spending for assure to reduce relevant risks to impact corporation operation.

Even the cost has been spend for setting up organization, arrange the review staffs and risks reporting structure,  how to relief CEO or individual concern while impacting reputation risks  due to privacy and security threat?

IT Business Partner point of view

IT staffs are the key role to play as an adviser to share the best practices and lesson learn to avoid the cyber attack risk, most importantly, IT staff may built an awareness cultural for every level of the employee while assess internet information. For every employee, it’s also vital to proceed review and check relevant privacy or security setting in any platform e.g. web, cell phone, cloud etc. to assure account has not been stolen and being abused, sensitive information has been carefully protected. Protect the corporate or individual information and data just like protect own body’s health.

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