Schedule the risk register into the business operation agenda

Risk Management 2

While the meetup session on 15th July’15 for briefing the Global Risks report 2015 issued by World Economic Forum, one question has been raised by one participant about how to use the report? This is really a good question how to leverage the high quality reports for individual, enterprise and government? Individual e.g. MBA students may reference this report and drive specific topic for concerning areas. Business owner my tailor this report to fit for their company risk appetite and business natural for a regular review as per the risks have been identified in case impacting business operation. For government, law makers may reference this report for triggering the policy constitution. How to start this process?

IT Business Partner point of view

Risk Management 1

Risk Register is a tool to capture the risks being assessed, regularly to capture and review the risk focus areas and carry out risk strategy with risk stakeholders involvement. This is a continual agenda as World Economic Forum has been continual to report for 10 years since 2006. Risk data may adopt the analysis tools e.g. R to evaluate correlation internal or external data for seizing the risk pace in time.

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