How to deploy drone flyer with more sustainable approach?

No doubt that there will be more and more drone flyer technology to apply in many areas for entertainment, environmental, delivery and agricultural etc due to the business need and nature. It’s really true to have this innovate technology to improve operation, and  people may also experience fantastic visual effect while using the drone flyer, however there were incidences while operate the drone flyer fail and we still have not yet conclude approach to govern the drone flyer issues in privacy and security. Even there are concern about it’s security in a specific sensitive areas e.g. military, business or political zones. My personal experience was while having breakfast at a home stay, a drone flyer was fly around the restaurant giant window side. It would be awkward if that drone flyer fly around while someone changing cloth, we’ve never known what’s the scenario been taken and publish widely on internet and who we can escalation to.

IT Business Partner Point Of View

At current phase, it’s all depends on the drone flyer’s owner mindset to manage the drone flyer. The drone flyer’s owner may concern and operate the drone flyer safely without harm, assure no violation on personal privacy. At some public areas e.g. hotel, government entity or business square or military space, it should be have a clear statement only allow drone flyer activities after permission by relevant authorities.

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