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15th Sept’15 Session – IOT Strategy.  Mainly briefing The Chip in Your Bread   published originally in the Digitalist Magazine in this meetup. Participant from varied countries e.g. US, Singapore and France including Charlies, Sr. IT adviser,  Rex, Cloud Strategy Adviser from Cloud Cap, Ms. Chong, from Singapore and specialized in Marketing Strategy, and Jeremy, from General Mobi.  Rex has presented the RTI Connext®DDS Professional for industrial internet of things and participant has exchanged IOT business cases across the globe practices.

15th July’15 Session –Governance: World Economic Forum-Global Risk 2015 . This session has briefed global risks on 2015 has been reported by World Economic Forum and shared observation and suggestions from participant.  Participants from varied service sectors, they are Jane S, the Founder and CEO, Frank, an entrepreneur, Gavin, an MBA student, Sharon, an professional in financial sector, and Natalia, an IT service industry expert to exchange risk focus areas in economical, technological, societal, geopolitical and environmental. Risk register has been introduced for enhancing the risk tracking cultural for mitigating risks in operation to reduce lose in every aspects.

10th June’15 Session – Internetera, dos and don’ts on privacy and security discussion.  We have member from IT security professional and solar industry to discuss and share lesson learn regarding the corporate security practices. Also reviewed the latest personal data incident at finance service sector and account being hack from a known social media platform.

5th May’15 Session – AI/Robot – current and future. This session scheduled mainly was inspired by concern from famous figures. In this meetup, participant has been expressed the similar concern for the future. For an IT business partner perspective, it will be a lot more chances to assess AI/Robot available in current applications for more productive tools into business process. Here propose the suggestion and example to adopt IT business partner framework which covers technology, governance, sustainability and cultural to assess AI or Robot into business world.

7th Apr’15 Session – Big Data Opportunity and Challenge. In this session, we have joint effort to co-host with Jan from INFOMOTION, Ravi from THINKTANK AND LC Huang from KYPER to share observation, methodology, best practices and ecosystem regarding enable Big Data in a risk less approach.

3rd Mar’15 session – Going Global in 2015 – CNN Start-ups briefing meetup. In this session with sponsorship from The Executive Centre (TEC), beside went through the CNN start-ups report and exchanged observation, Marie from German Trade Office to share Germany education system and 3D facial application, Charles Yuan to share TCTA projects and enhance education evaluation and Charles Tung to, IBMer and Sr. IT Advisor, to share IT trend, virtual realiaty feature and adoption in life.

9th Feb”15 session – Does wearable help us more healthier ? Share your IOT / Wearable experience. This meetup, we have David, from LA and and a full of experience in entrepreneur especially in internet & mobile communications, to share LA start-up eco-system. Also have Ellen to share China high tech and technology in China. 3D printer, Robot parking valet, Maker and IOT­ are the major dialogue in this meetup.


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